Four Outfit Ideas for a Summer Barbecue


A summer barbeque is about more than just the food. They’re a great occasion to catch up with your friends and show off a new outfit, so here are four tasty looks that are ideal for a summer BBQ party.

A Short Suit

In a pair of shorts you can do anything a summer BBQ throws at you. Want to paddle in a pool? Feel free in a playsuit. Want to lounge about on the lawn? Wear a pair of shorts and you’ll not worry about getting down. A short suit is a smart-casual and very functional look for a summer BBQ.

Huffington Post describes shorts as the perfect way to keep your cool.

A Maxi Dress

If you want to go all out with a killer look for your summer BBQ, you can’t go wrong with a maxi dress. The AX Paris selection of maxi dresses gives you a choice of floral patterns, bright colours and luxe looks.

A maxi dress is a great choice because your outfit is done in one and you’ll look well put together from head to toe while also staying comfortable and cool.

Jeans and a Nice Top

Everyone will have a favourite pair of jeans, and all you need is a nice top to give you a look that will work great for a summer BBQ. Jeans are a comfy, easy clean base for a summer BBQ look, which can be important if you’re expecting a few drops of any tasty cocktails or barbeque treats to go astray. Choose a nice top in a summery colour and fabric that can brighten up your jeans. A bright yellow wrap-over or leopard print bodysuit would be fun choices.

A Cute Clutch Bag

You’ll need to keep your phone and other essentials in something cute, and a clutch bag is a good choice for a summer BBQ because you can leave it on your seat to stake your claim whenever you pop up to refuel your drinks or plate. Go for something in a natural material like straw or wood for a relaxed summery vibe.

All these styles are a great way to look hot at any summer barbeque, and you can wear then again and again to different summer occasions.

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