Tuning a Drum Kit Make Your Drum Sound Great


Although drums don’t require tuning to specific pitches, you still need to tune them so that they can produce clear sounds and complete tunes. A proper drum kit tuning can even make a beginner drum kit to do great. As a drummer, you want to play your drum more often and enjoy a better sound. For that, you need to learn how you can tune your drum kit without having to spend a fortune on it.

When it comes to tuning a drum kit, several ways can help you make your drum kit perform better, even if it’s a cheap product. First of all, get new drum heads since this has a lot to do with your drum sound. Make a drum kit tuning schedule that works for you. Make sure to benefit from an electronic drum kit tuner. Many drum tuners, including DrumDial Precision Drum Tuner, DrumDial Digital Drum Tuner, Cherub DT-20 Infrared Shelf Drum Tuner, and TAMA TW100 Tension Watch offer precise methods of measuring drum head pressure and ensuring flawless tuning of your drum set. Some of these tuners do not require batteries to work. 

If your drum kit is making a bass sound, use a kick-port to fix it. Investing in decent quality cymbals will also help you tune and maintenance of your drum kit. Make sure you take advantage of effective dampening methods for killing nasty frequencies that may take place in your drum set.

Dampening plays its role when tuning a drum kit does not help, especially if it’s a cheaper one. Several dampening products, such as Moon Gel, can make a significant improvement to the borders of some drum kit though they may be a little expensive. If you are on a tight budget, using duct tape can be a versatile alternative. Placing your wallet on the edge of the drum head can also work in getting a dry yet instant sound of the drum set.

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