Five Non-Wine Related Activities in Napa Valley


Everyone know that Napa Valley is famous for wineries, vineyards, and wine tasting, but there is usually not much is said about the many other activities available in the beautiful region. While you will definitely enjoy wine when you take a trip to Napa Valley, there are plenty of things to do before, after, and during tastings.

Lake Berryessa

This large, beautiful lake is just a short drive from the valley and provides all kinds of activities. The lake is known for its great trout fishing, but you can also find great hiking here. Not only can you take hike, fish, or simply take a swim, while visiting the lake you can be mesmerized by the mysterious abyss that opens when the lake gets too full. Don’t worry, it’s not a whirlpool that will suck you in, it is simply a spillway that filters out excess water when the lake is full after the rain.

Di Rosa Center for Contemporary Art

Napa is an artsy town. The di Rosa Center for Contemporary Art cultivates and celebrates this reputation. You can go visit on of their regular exhibits or attend one of the events that are held at the museum. Whether it’s an exhibition of installations, art concerning the uncertainty of contemporary times, or a short story workshop for small children, there is something for everyone at di Rosa.

Ride in a Hot Air Balloon

There is no better way to see the beautiful landscape of Napa than to ride in a hot air balloon. You can look up times to go on You can combine the ride with a tour or float up to the sky after tasting wine. You will love the view. The balloon rides are available in small private groups, large groups, or with other people looking to ride for a cheaper price. There is also the option to combine a ride with a hotel stay or a wine tasting. The view will be the perfect end to a day enjoying the finer pleasures. Be sure to do it at sunset!


Wherever there is good wine, you can be sure that there is good food around. Napa is certainly no exception. Whether you’re pairing your dishes with wine, or catching a slice of pizza, Napa has what you are craving for. There are many high-end fine dining restaurants, some of the best in the country, but there also fantastic cheap eats for when you have had many glasses of wine and need a midnight snack.

Skyline Wilderness Park

When you have been drinking a lot and eating your fill, you may want to get out in nature and get some exercise. Skyline Wilderness Park is a great place to go horseback or bike riding. The park is known for its accessible trails for these activities, but you can also hike here and enjoy some of the beautiful nature. Bird watching is also popular. Whether you are getting some exercise or are simply relaxing on a nice day, enjoying the peace of Skyline Wilderness Park is a great way to spend an afternoon.

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