5 New Punjabi Movies You Must Add To Your Watchlist


The Punjabi film industry is known for its theme of fun, laughter, good music and unapologetic entertainment. Many of the newly released Punjabi movies have become super hits among the Indian audience. Despite the popularity, most people in the country are still unaware of the gems the industry has produced lately. To bring such movies to light, we have listed below the top 5 Punjabi movies of 2021.

  1. Paani Ch Madhaani

This Punjabi movie is set in the 80s where a troupe of artists land an opportunity to perform in the UK. But, a lottery ticket shifts their focus in hopes that it would make them rich quicker than their singing talent. However, losing the ticket forces them to fall back on their skills and aspirations. Paani Ch Madhaani gives out a great message that with hard work you can achieve great things.

  1. Galwakdi

Galwakdi is the perfect blend of comedy, romance and drama. It is about a librarian named Jagteshwar who has an obsessive-compulsive personality disorder (OCPD). People around him get used to his behaviour, both at work and home. But when a high-spirited girl Amberdeep enters his life, things change drastically, as they have to share the same roof. This movie is entertaining, as you get to see two opposite personalities existing side by side which is hilarious to watch.

  1. Qismat 2

If you like watching unrequited love stories, you need to watch this film. ‘Qismat 2’. It is  a sequel to the 2018 blockbuster hit ‘Qismat’. Bringing back the story of Shiv (Ammy Virk) and Bani (Sargun Mehta) once again. The film is a complete entertainer. It will make you laugh, sing and cry all at once. Qismat 2 is a romantic drama movie, but you can enjoy the film with your family.

  1. Hausla Rakh

Hausla Rakh is among the best Punjabi movies of Diljit Dosanjh. Shehnaaz Gill and Sonam Bajwa are the leading ladies in the film. The narrative is about a young Punjabi guy, a single father of a seven-year-old boy who hopes to find love again. Everything goes smooth till he bumps into his long lost ex and, now things are out of place in his life. Hausla Rakh seems to be a good film for anyone who’s a fan of Diljit’s charm and comic scenes. So, if you prefer Punjabi movies of this kind, you need to watch the film right away.

  1. Puaada

Another great Punjabi film that will fill your heart with love and laughter. It is about Jaggi an MBA student who falls in love with Raunak, a girl in his college. To make things official, he reaches out to the girl’s father, an Air Force officer, for her hand in marriage but faces disapproval for their union. But a terrorist attack changes the course of things and, now the story turns hilarious as Jaggi and Raunak try to shake off the terrorists to reunite again.

Now that you know which Punjabi movies are hitting the charts, you can pick one from the list above and stream it online. Whether you’re bored at home or are feeling a little bit under the weather, watching these Punjabi films will surely lighten your mood.

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