How to Be A Successful Band Member


When you are a band member, it’s crucial that you carry out your responsibility without fail. You need to have a certain regular momentum. If you do songwriting, gigging or recording, do it to the very best. If you are not capable of being the same level as your other band members, then the whole unit is at risk. A band entails working together as a unit. It is comprised of band members that share common ambitions and goals.

In many occasions, we assume that members of the band are the ones who are not doing what’s required. This is not always the case. If you keenly examine yourself, you’ll be shocked to find out that some of the habits and actions that you are executing are the ones killing the band.

Maybe the most significant part of all the issues facing the band is initially from you. Sometimes you may be the problem but fail to figure out. To keep the band successful and running, there are certain details that you need to execute. A band requires that you be a full and committed player.

Bands are not one-man shows. They are groups that are guided by discipline and dreams. If you feel you can’t keep up with the pace that the rest of the band members are setting, you should call it quits and allow the rest to progress. Working with the rest of the band members can be challenging and tedious. Along the way, everyone feels that things are becoming difficult. You struggle to fit in. Such struggles are the ones that hinder the bands to progress in very many instances. Before things get worse, there are some things that you can do to make yourself valuable and important to the band.

Be A Reliable Member

There is nothing that annoys a well-performing band than a member who is lazy and doesn’t undertake their responsibilities. It’s heartbreaking for you to say you’ll do something and fail to honor your promise. If you pledge to do something i.e. songwriting, an introduction or even a guitar solo please do it. The rest of the band members depend on you. They believe in you. If you don’t do it, then you are making the whole unit to be failures.

If you are an unreliable band member, then don’t expect that the rest of the crew will be reliable and hardworking. Unreliability is a major issue that kills many function bands. As a member of a musical unit, complete all your tasks. Be an honest person. If you won’t do something notify the rest of the band.

Communicate Efficiently

Be fast enough when it comes to communications. Always respond to your band members, messages without delay. This is crucial because at times they may need some input from you. If you go silent for days this will mean that there will be a huge delay hence no progress.

Being a good communicator also means to be a good listener. This is a weakness for many. Always give others a chance to talk and you pay an attentive ear.


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