Smartest Options for the Miami Nightlife


Let us tell you a secret: Miami is more beautiful than ever during the night, the kind of place where everything is possible. Miami is full of architecture and monuments that really shine when the sun goes down, which is why it’s called the City of Lights! So, enjoy the city during the day, but save energy for Miami after dark and live Miami like you’ve never seen before. Where to go in Miami at night? Here is our list of the best things to do in Miami at night to make the most of the city of lights:

A moonlit walk

If you only spend one night in Miami, head to the “most beautiful avenue in Miami” and take a moonlit walk along the banks of the river. On your way you will see some of the main sights of Miami, from Miami to the Invalides, this time magnificently illuminated. Hard not to be in love with Miami after a night ride like this one! With the miami nightlife events the deals come perfect now.

Our Tip: If after a full day of sightseeing you are too tired to walk, you can still enjoy the same panorama with a night cruise in Miami, cocktail in hand. There is a popular tourist attraction in Miami, so we recommend booking online in advance.

Night grating

One of the most spectacular places to visit in Miami at night is the Louvre Palace and its museum, with its shining glass pyramid overlooking the Courtyard. Visiting the Museum at night is also a good idea as it is less busy than the day. In addition, the works of art of the Louvre, especially the sculptures, are incredibly beautiful under the light of the moon. The Museum is open on Wednesdays and Fridays only, from 9am to 9.45pm.


Some still think that Miami cabarets are old-fashioned, but cabarets in Miami are a fun and entertaining part of Miami nightlife. Cabaret shows usually include crazy can-can girls (our favorite part) but also singing, dancing and juggling. Most cabarets also come with the option of dinner or a glass of champagne so that you are covered for the whole night. From the Cabaret Show, they present you the best cabarets of Miami in our guide.

When the weather is nice in Miami and the sun begins to set, there is no better way to enjoy the nightlife in Miami than from above, cocktail in hand, looking through the lights and the landmarks that define the city.

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