Top reasons why hockey makes for exciting viewing


Hockey is a truly captivating sport to watch; interestingly, it isn’t a sport that regularly features as such and not one that pops into people’s minds for a sport they just can’t stop watching. Here, however, we take a look at some of the top reasons why it makes for such exciting viewing.

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Lights, camera but most importantly action

Hockey really is a sport of non-stop action, whether you are watching it in real time or when viewers are watching hockey training drills. Although whistles are used in the game, the game moves swiftly and is unique for this non-stop element. For example, after every play football takes a break of 40 seconds and basketball is slowed up by timeouts towards the end of a game, meaning an audience may have to wait a further agonising 15 minutes for what could be a 20-second ending of a game.

Take a hit

The amount of hits given and received by hockey players during a match makes for a fast-moving game. Safety is, of course, always of paramount importance but it certainly is a sport that is littered with hits, creating a tense and exciting atmosphere for die-hard fans.


Playoffs in hockey make for exciting atmospheres in both arenas and cities. Hockey training drills are just the tip of the iceberg! The National Hockey League – or NHL as it is known – utilises playoff tournaments to determine its overall champion and create a sense of hype.

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Move it

One of hockey’s USPs is that its moves don’t just use one part of a player’s body. Often they include using feet, hands and legs and all done at lightning speed, so go to Sportplan for a range of hockey training drills and see how it is done!


There have been some amazing goals in hockey; they may look easy to achieve but the speed, accuracy and expertise is fabulously entertaining for the viewer.


Constant action is one of the main reason why hockey can have its audience hooked; the speed and the adrenaline causes heightened excitement both on and off the field. Its players are some of the toughest athletes. And unlike some other sports, it benefits from customs, traditions and superstitions which is interesting in itself.


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