Where You Can Rent Videos Now


Times have changed a whole lot when it comes to entertainment. Among the biggest changes is the way everything is produced and presented. Less than a decade ago, it was common place for movies to be presented on analog sources even with the digital elements being added. Another thing that has changed is the different methods in which people could receive entertainment such as movies, TV shows and video games. One of the methods that used to be so common was renting videos from a store. There used to be tons of video rental stores all throughout the markets.

One of the reasons that rentals have become very popular with videos is that VHS was very expensive to own when it first came out. When VHS has come out, it used to cost close to $100 to own. Therefore, people have decided that they are okay with renting videos. As a matter of fact, throughout the life of VHS the majority of video cassettes of new releases costed upwards of $100 to own. After a short amount of time, stores would start selling some copies of their movie for a small price. These are normally previously viewed copies.

While VHS has dominated the market when it comes to rental and sales, there were other mediums for entertainment. They were Betamax, and Laserdiscs. The Laserdiscs were immediately for sale at a lower price than the new release VHS tapes. However, they were higher in quality when it came to video and audio. Then DVD eventually came. DVDs were very similar to Laserdiscs in concept. However, one of the major differences between the two were that DVDs were the size of CDs while Laserdiscs were the size of many vinyl records. Also, the format was fully digital. This meant that the video was digital as well as the audio.

With DVD, people were able to buy or rent whenever they wanted. DVD would also be a part of the digital revolution which eventually culminated in streaming. Once streaming came in, video stores began to close down. Another factor in the fall of video stores was the rise of Redbox rentals. These kiosks are located at almost any store which makes it very convenient to rent. In Dallas, if you want to be a part of the Dallas Video Rentals activity, then your choice is either kiosk-based rentals or stream-based rentals.

Renting has come a long way when it comes to entertainment. In the beginning, you had very little choice but to pay for a video that is not only very low in quality but is also not even formatted correctly. Nowadays, you’ll be hard pressed to find a program that is not presented in its original aspect ratio unless it is something from an older era where the aspect ratio of television sets was shaped differently. Now, you have plenty of options on the format and how you can rent the type of entertainment you are interested in for a certain amount of time.

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