Memorable Entertainment and Sports Bars


Most of us have a different idea of “fun” and a much different schedule when it comes to weekends. Some people like to be alone, others like to throw house parties with their friends, and another group of people enjoy getting out of the house and going to a new place, such as a sports bar or some Kansas City restaurants. In this article we will be discussing some of the details that pertain to sports bar, and why they have become so popular among young adults, and also people between the ages of thirty five and forty as well.

Activities Popular at Sports Bars

By definition, a bar, and particular sports bars are, “furnished with sports-related memorabilia and theming, and typically contain a large number of televisions used to broadcast major sporting events for their patrons.” The reason why so many people enjoy going to a sports bar is because if they stay and watch sports with their roommates, they will talk about the same things, in the same environment. Yes, it is cheaper to stay home, but money comes and goes, while a new experience will never be the same for the rest of your life.

Sports bars are not only made to entertain their customers. Like any other business venue, they have specific financial goals in mind, otherwise they would not remain in business for long. They first of all need to stay competitive. If they don’t then other sports bar and restaurants will take away their clientele. Every customer that is not satisfied will find another place to find that satisfaction. Other things they need to keep track of is the cost of management, the performances of their employees, the entertainment they provide, and how much control they have in their environment.

One way in which sports bar remain extremely competitive and attract both existing, and new customers, is by paying for every large sporting event that may only be viewed by pay per view. For example, this past weekend, thousands of bars across the country made a huge profit by purchasing the pay per view fight for McCreggor and Khabib. Let’s say that the pay per view price was $100. The sport bar purchases the fight, airs it on all of the televisions in the bar, and charges ten dollars for every customer who comes in wanting to watch it. You do the numbers.


In conclusion, in this article we discussed the differences between a regular bar, and a sports bar. We also explained what the goals and motivation are for owning and keeping a sports bar, such as the cost of management, how much money comes in every month, and how they remain competitive. If a sports bar does not keep up with the mainstream sporting events and does not make an effort to provide these to their customers, you better believe that they will leave to another bar and spend their money there, when they could have spent it with you.

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