Performers You Can Hire during a Pandemic


As the United States continues to grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic, many aspects of our lives remain abnormal. Working from home is now commonplace, and dining-in at restaurants is now an extremely rare occasion. One change that the pandemic has brought upon us is the inability to see live entertainers in person. Since large gatherings are forbidden in most of the country and many venues are shutting down, seeing a performer is almost impossible. In addition, no one knows when things will get back to normal. It could take a while for large gatherings to be allowed again, and even when they are allowed, no one knows how many venues will still be in business when the dust settles. In the meantime, you can still hire live performers to conduct virtual performers. Not only will this provide you with some fantastic entertainment, but you’ll also be supporting workers who are finding it extremely difficult to make a living in this climate. So what are some types of performers that you can hire during a pandemic? Let’s take a look.


One entertainment option that transitions over the best to virtual entertainment is musicians. In fact, several big-name musicians have even started holding live streams and virtual concerts themselves. These virtual concerts are fantastic for a wide variety of reasons. First, the performer can earn money and sing their songs from anywhere. In addition, guests can listen to the singer and be entertained, regardless of their location. In fact, you could have an entirely virtual party and still hire a singer to perform. The only drawback is that the singer or band needs to be in a location with decent sound equipment to perform out. However, outside of this, there really isn’t any reason why musicians can’t perform virtual concerts.


Another live entertainment option that can translate relatively well to the virtual world is magicians. Even through virtual means, there are still plenty of tricks that a magician can perform live. Although some tricks may be impossible to pull off, there still are plenty of viable old tricks a magician can use in a virtual setting. In addition, there are also plenty of other new tricks and ideas available to a magician that likely wouldn’t be possible in a face-to-face environment. As a result, hiring a magician for a virtual party or private event can work out wonderfully.


A great entertainment option to hire for a virtual performance is a comedian. Comedy can actually translate extremely well to a virtual setting, hardly missing a beat. Although connection lag may hamper the ability for the comedian to read the audience and connect with them, they can still give an effective performance. A good comedian can still hold a good flow and deliver punchlines on time, something that is the core of comedy. In addition, they may even have a slew of tools at their disposal thanks to the virtual setting. Although a unique choice of virtual entertainment, a comedian can still do a fantastic job entertaining your virtual event.

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