5 Signs You Could Become a Comedian


Thousands and thousands of people feel the call to comedy every year: but many aren’t sure if they’re a good match for it.  This can be hard to figure out, but often the signs are already there.  Here are five natural behaviors every comedian needs to succeed.

You Make Others Laugh

Were you the class clown as a kid?  Do all of your friends tell you you’re hilarious when you’re not even trying to be?  Does making others laugh make you feel good?  If so, you fit the role of comedian perfectly.  Comedians like Punkie Johnson have a natural talent for making people laugh and double over, reacting to a good joke.  This job needs some amount of raw talent to make it fun and easier on you.

You Love Being On the Stage

Does stage fright sound fake to you?  Does getting up in front of people and presenting a project, or showing off your abilities, excite you?  Comedy may be calling for you!  It’s okay if you get nervous before a show every once in a while, but stage fright and humor don’t mix.  If you’re nervous on stage, it can be hard to hide, and people may be less likely to laugh for the right reason.  It’s okay to want to grow and learn how to be more comfortable on stage: but if you’ve always been comfortable in front of a crowd, this could be the gig for you.

You Think Quickly On Your Feet

Has anyone ever told you that you’re too quick with a reply or that it feels like you could have a punchline or pun for anything?  If so, you’re built for comedy!  People think that to be funny on stage, you have to plan and figure out every joke first meticulously, but often the best humor comes from ad-libbing and creative reactions at the moment.  If you can joke out of anything or find a way to twist an awkward moment into a funny one, becoming a comedian is a natural next step.

You Can Handle Criticism

How do you react when someone says you’re wrong or says that something you’ve done was terrible?  If your gut instinct is to figure out why and find a way to solve this problem: comedy is for you.

People who shut down, get mad or become defensive over being told something’s not great don’t need a career in comedy.  If, instead, you’re able to take things lightly, admit that you can do better and learn and grow: this is the job for you.  Flexibility and creativity are essential and will inspire you to grow and change.

You’re Not Afraid to Fail

The fear of failure is real for comedians.  There’s the fear of being booed off stage or telling a joke that kills your career because you didn’t think it through.  The fear of being overlooked or forgotten by your fans can hurt a lot too.  Failure makes people freeze up, avoid trying new things and will kill their creativity.  Instead of feeding into this machine, cut yourself loose of your fears and breathe.  Let yourself know it’s okay to fail, and you’ll be a better comedian for it.

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