Permanent Roommates Remake In Telugu On Aha: CommitMental


CommitMental is a phenomenal web series that can be seen at whatever point on the web. This web series is fair because it draws out the improvement that the quantity of every qualification that the couple has anyway if they really should be each other all of them will vanish and they can stay happy in each other’s arms. This web series will show you such innumerable things that you may have to look, in reality. You should have that senseless and created face to manage a perky relationship, that is what this series has. Everytime when Anu gets overwhelmed to take the decision there is Phani who is helping her and giving explanations behind picking him. Watch telugu web series online on the ott. Watch comedy web series online like CommitMental and appreciate.


CommitMental is a surprising web series where you will giggle at the little qualification among Anu and Phani. As characters Phani and anu have a lot of differentiations in motivation behind viewpoints, choices and some more. Pahni loves Anu to inferno and even Anu likes Phani also anyway Anu is set up to get hitched to Phani. She is alarmed that they were on huge distances for such endless years and unexpectedly it feels genuinely one of a kind to be with him now. So the plot begins where Phani is in hyderabad to see Anu from the US. He calls Anu and she gets stressed that he is really in her place. So he decides to have a spot and stay with Anu in that house and stay. However, Phani’s manner is irritating Anu. They can’t stay together. They will fight the whole days together and then how is it conceivable that Anu would arrive at a completion of getting hitched to Phani. The chance of marriage with Phani is outstandingly startling to anu. The web series is incredibly astute, the way in which they fight and the juvenile thought of the Phani is additionally intriguing. Watch the fulfillment to comprehend what ought to be Anu’s decision.

Technical Aspects:

  • Comic arranging is exceptional with all the performers in the series. The series runs of an engaging story and strong motivation behind points of view. The whole series is stacked up with each and every pleasant factor.
  • This series has incredible music, it’s all situational and it will make the series all the additionally entrancing. The music is comparably vivacious and dissolving.
  • The series trades are really unconstrained. They are really intriguing and make the series additionally engaging. The engaging and eager talks are both Apt.
  • The series screenplay is genuinely bewildering as they improve the story and derrick the sentiments better.

Additional Information:

Season: 1

Runtime: 5 Episodes 27 minutes each.

Released: 13 November 2020

Gener: Romance, comedy

Cast and Crew:

Actor: UdbhavRaghunandan

Actress: PunarnaviBhupalam

Other Actors:NamrataTipirneni, VenkateshKakumanu

Produce: Allu Arvind

Developed by: Biswapati Sarkar

Based on: Permanent Roommates

Watch Telugu web series online on Aha and have some great occasions. Watch comedy web series online like these are thundering with giggling.


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